Bend Storage & Transfer
Designer Program

Assisting Interior Designers in Central Oregon

Here at Bend Storage & Transfer we provide a clean and secure loading dock to receive all of your freight deliveries with ease.  We help Home Designers, Interior Designers, AirBnB's & Hotel Designers and more. 

We can help with receiving freight, furniture of all sizes, rugs up to 200lbs and home goods for your clients. 

As your items arrive we have clean, dry storage until you are ready for delivery.

If the project you are working on is still under construction we offer deep storage short or long term. 

Our team can provide delivery, unboxing, basic assembly and debris removal within Central Oregon.

Or you can send your team to pick up from our warehouse.

We are here to help Designers in Central Oregon have the same high quality customer service experience as they're used to in big cities.